Radio Signatures
Special Apparatus, Chief Officers, Administration, Logistics
2-1-3Fire CommissionerHEADQUARTERS
2-1-3AExecutive Assistant
2-1-4First Deputy Fire Commissioner
2-1-5Deputy Fire Commissioner: Bureau of Operations
2-1-6Deputy Fire Commissioner: Bureau of Fire Prevention
2-1-7Deputy Fire Commissioner: Bureau of Administrative Services
2-1-8Deputy Fire Commissioner: Bureau of Logistics
2-1-9Assistant Deputy Fire Commissioner: Special Operations Division
2-1-10Assistant Deputy Fire Commissioner: Fire Suppression and Rescue North
2-1-11Assistant Deputy Fire Commissioner: Emergency Medical Service
2-1-12Assistant Deputy Fire Commissioner: Fire Suppression and Rescue South
2-1-20District Chief: Executive Assistant to the Fire Commissioner
2-1-21District Chief, District 1
2-1-22District Chief, District 2
2-1-23District Chief, District 3
Airport Operations Division
2-1-24District Chief, District 4
2-1-25District Chief, District 5
2-1-27District Chief: Bureau of Logistics
2-1-28District Chief: Director of Training
2-1-29District Chief: Bureau of Fire Prevention
2-1-30District Chief: Director of Safety
2-1-31District Chief: Special Projects
2-1-32District Chief: Emergency Medical Service Logistics
2-2-1Deputy District Chief - 1st DistrictE18
2-2-2Deputy District Chief - 2nd DistrictE108
2-2-3Deputy District Chief - 3rd DistrictRESCUE 3
2-2-4Deputy District Chief - 4th DistrictE38
2-2-5Deputy District Chief - 5th DistrictE81
2-7-0Tactical Operations Intelligence Center (TOIC)
2-7-1Command VanE42
2-7-2Command VanE112
2-7-3Command VanE49
2-7-4Command VanE122
2-7-8Command VanRESCUE 1
2-7-9Major Incident Command VanSPECIAL OPERATIONS
2-7-10Command Van Coordinator
2-7-11Deputy District Chief: Communications/Department Radio Coordinator
2-8-1Commander: Coordinator of Academy Operations
2-8-2Commander: Coordinator of Field Training
2-8-3Commander: Coordinator of Apparatus/Engineering Training
2-8-3AFire Academy Training Ambulance
2-8-3BFire Academy Training Ambulance
2-8-3CFire Academy Training Ambulance
2-8-4Commander: Coordinator of Emergency Medical Services Training
2-8-6Fire Academy Engine
2-8-7Fire Academy Hook and Ladder
2-8-8Fire Academy Engine
2-8-9Fire Academy Hook and Ladder
2-8-10Fire Academy Hook and Ladder
2-9-0Fire Academy Vehicle
2-9-1Fire Academy Bus
2-9-2Fire Academy Vehicle
2-9-7Coordinator of Hazardous Material Training
2-9-7AFire Academy Haz Mat Training Ambulance
2-9-7BFire Academy Haz Mat Training Ambulance
2-9-8ORD Training Officer
2-9-9ORD Training Officer
2-9-10MDW Training Officer
2-9-11Airport Fueling Inspector
2-9-12ORD Training Officer
2-9-13Airport Driver's Training Coordinator
2-9-14Airport District Aide
2-9-20Fire Suppression and Rescue Field Training Officer
2-9-21Fire Suppression and Rescue Field Training Officer
2-9-22Fire Suppression and Rescue Field Training Officer
2-9-23Fire Suppression and Rescue Field Training Officer
2-9-24Fire Suppression and Rescue Field Training Officer
2-9-25Emergency Medical Service Field Training Officer
2-9-26Emergency Medical Service Field Training Officer
2-9-27Emergency Medical Service Field Training Officer
2-9-28Emergency Medical Service Field Training Officer
2-9-29Emergency Medical Service Field Training Officer
2-9-30Emergency Medical Service Field Training Officer
4-0-0Chief Canteen Supervisor
4-0-1Support Service Canteen 1E106
4-0-2Support Service Canteen 2E80
4-0-3Assistant Canteen Supervisor
4-0-4Canteen Duty Officer
4-0-5Canteen Duty Officer
4-0-6Salvation Army UnitE88
4-0-7Salvation Army UnitE11
4-0-9Salvation Army UnitE122
4-1-1Department Chaplain (Catholic)
4-1-2Department Chaplain (Protestant)
4-1-3Department Chaplain (Jewish)
4-1-4Department Physician
4-1-5Deputy District Chief: Coordinator of Medical Section
4-1-6Deputy District Chief: Labor Relations
4-1-7Director of Media Affairs and Community Relations
4-1-8Deputy District Chief: Coordinator of Fire Awareness and Public Education
4-1-9Deputy District Chief: Special Events Coordinator/Department Liaison
4-1-10Media Affairs Officer
4-1-11Media Affairs Officer
4-1-12Media Affairs Officer
4-1-13Media Affairs Officer
4-1-14Media Affairs Officer
4-1-15On Call Infection Control Officer
4-1-16Director of Finance
4-1-17Director of Human Resources/Personnel
4-1-8Assistant Commissioner: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
4-2-0Executive Director (Office of Emergency Management and Communications - OEMC)
4-2-1Managing Director - OEMC
4-2-2Deputy Director, Fire Operations - OEMC
4-2-3Manager, Fire Operations - OEMC
4-2-4Coordinator, Fire Operations - OEMC
4-2-5Communications Specialist
4-2-6Foreman, Radio Maintenance and Repair
4-2-7Radio Maintenance and Repair Technician
4-2-8Radio Maintenance and Repair Technician
4-2-9Radio Maintenance and Repair Technician
4-2-10Radio Maintenance and Repair Technician
4-2-12OEMC Unified Command Van
4-3-1Mayor of Chicago
4-3-2Mayor's Escort Car
4-3-3Commissioner of Department of Streets and Sanitation
4-3-4Commissioner of Health Department
4-3-5Commissioner of Water Department
4-3-6Chairman of City Council Police and Fire Committee
4-3-7Chairman of Council Finance Committee
4-3-8Mayor's Mobile Office
4-3-9Superintendent of Chicago Police Department
4-4-0Director of Medical Association and Regulatory Compliance (MARC)
4-4-1Assist Deputy Chief Paramedic, Bureau of Logistics/EMS
4-4-5Commander: EMS Manpower/MMRT Coordinator
4-4-6Executive Assistant: Emergency Medical Services Division
4-4-11Assistant Deputy Chief Paramedic: Field Division NorthE44
4-4-12Assistant Deputy Chief Paramedic: Field Division SouthE16
4-5-1Paramedic Field Chief - EMS District 1E42
4-5-2Paramedic Field Chief - EMS District 2E112
4-5-3Paramedic Field Chief - EMS District 3E79
4-5-4Paramedic Field Chief - EMS District 4E117
4-5-5Paramedic Field Chief - EMS District 5E88
4-5-6Paramedic Field Chief - EMS District 6E121
4-5-7Paramedic Field Chief - EMS District 7E23
4-5-8Paramedic Field Chief - EMS District 8 E63
4-6-0Deputy District Chief: Commanding Fire Marshal
4-6-1Commander: Assistant Commanding Fire Marshal
4-6-2Major Case Unit Coordinator, Supervising Fire Marshall
4-6-3OFI Training Coordinator, Fire Marshal
4-6-4Juvenile Intervention Coordinator, Administrative Fire Marshal
4-6-5Digital Image Specialist and Photo Library Coordinator, Fire Marshal
4-6-6Supervisor Fire MarshalE38
4-6-7Fire MarshalE107
4-6-8Fire MarshalE63
4-6-9Fire MarshalE22
4-6-10Major Incident Response Unit (MIRU)
4-6-11Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
4-6-12Chicago Police Department Responding Unit
4-6-19State Fire Marshal Canine Unit
4-7-0Governor of the State of Illinois
4-7-1State of Illinois Fire Marshal
4-7-2Director of Illinois Department of Public Health
4-7-3IEMA Regional Coordinator
4-7-4Sheriff of Cook County
4-7-5Cook County DHSEM Representative
4-7-8Cook County DHSEM Representative
4-7-9MABAS Representative
4-7-10MABAS Representative
4-7-11Orland Central Fire Alarm Office (South)
4-7-12Red Center Fire Alarm Office (North)
4-8-0Commander: Office of the Fire Commissioner - Staff Assistant
4-8-1Commander: Office of the 1st Deputy Fire Commissioner - Staff Assistant
4-8-2Commander: Bureau of Operations - Staff Assistant
4-8-3Commander: Bureau of Adminstrative Services: Human Resources - Staff Assistant
4-8-4Commander: Bureau of Adminstrative Services: Medical Section - Staff Assistant
4-8-5Commander: Public Education and Fire Awareness - Staff Assistant
4-8-6Commander: Manpower Central - Staff Assistant
4-9-0Chief Fire Prevention Bureau Engineer
4-9-1Fire Prevention Task Force
4-9-2Fire Prevention Task Force
4-9-3Fire Prevention Task Force
4-9-4Fire Prevention Task Force
4-9-5Fire Prevention Task Force
4-9-6Supervisor - Public Assemblies Section
4-9-10Fire Prevention Task Force
4-9-11Fire Prevention Task Force
4-9-12Fire Prevention Task Force
4-9-13Fire Prevention Task Force
4-9-14Fire Prevention Task Force
4-9-15Commander: Fire Prevention Bureau Training Officer
4-9-7APublic Education Mobile Survive Alive Unit
4-9-7BPublic Education Vehicle
4-9-7CPublic Education Vehicle
4-9-7DPublic Education Vehicle
4-9-8Public Education Vehicle
5-1-0Deputy District Chief: Coordinator of Hazardous MaterialsE16
5-1-1Hazardous Incident Team 1E16
5-1-1AHazardous Incident Team Auxiliary ApparatusE16
5-1-2Hazardous Incident Team 2RESCUE 1
5-1-3Joint Hazard Assessment Team (JHAT)
5-1-4Joint Hazard Assessment Team (JHAT)
5-1-11Hazardous Materials Mobile LaboratoryE16
5-3-0Hazardous Materials Decontamination UnitE22
5-3-1Hazardous Materials Mass Decontamination UnitRESCUE 1
5-2-0Technical Rescue Training Coordinator
5-2-1Collapse Rescue UnitE05
5-2-2Collapse Rescue Lumber UnitE14
5-2-3Compressor Truck UnitSPECIAL OPERATIONS
5-2-4Vacuum Truck UnitSPECIAL OPERATIONS
5-2-5Technical Rescue Team UnitSPECIAL OPERATIONS
5-2-6Tunnel Rescue UnitE91
5-4-0Department Liaison to CTA
5-4-1Department Liaison to OEMC
5-1-5Battalion Chief: Special OperationsE05
5-1-7Commander: Special Operations Division
5-5-1Squad Company 1E42
5-5-2Squad Company 2E91
5-5-5Squad Company 5E116
5-5-7Squad Company 7RESCUE 3
5-6-1Jump Bag/Trash Pump UnitE04
5-6-2Jump Bag/Trash Pump UnitE124
5-6-3Jump Bag/Trash Pump UnitE47
5-6-4Special Operations - Utility UnitSPECIAL OPERATIONS
5-6-5Special Operations Rig - Support UnitSPECIAL OPERATIONS
5-6-6Special Operations Rig - Box TruckSPECIAL OPERATIONS
5-6-7Special Operations Pod TruckSPECIAL OPERATIONS
5-7-1Rehab UnitE49
5-7-2Rehab UnitE68
5-7-3Rehab UnitRESCUE 3
5-8-0Assistant Commissioner: Internal Affairs DivisionHEADQUARTERS
5-8-1Assistant Director - IAD
5-8-2Chief Investigator - IAD
5-8-3Chief Investigator - IAD
5-8-4Investigator Specialist - IAD
5-8-5Investigator Specialist - IAD
6-1-1Hose WagonE81
6-1-2Hose WagonE26
6-2-4Dry Chemical UnitE04
6-2-5Dry Chemical UnitE46
6-3-1High Expansion Foam UnitE26
6-3-2Bulk Foam CarrierE28
6-3-4Portable Stairway UnitE127
6-3-5Portable Stairway UnitRESCUE 2
6-3-7Mini Pumper UnitE127
6-4-0Deputy District Chief: Coordinator of Breathing Apparatus Service - Breathing Apparatus
6-4-1Commander: Bureau of Logistics - Breathing Apparatus
6-4-2Coordinator of Building Services - Breathing Apparatus
6-4-3Telecommunications Specialist - Breathing Apparatus
6-4-4Air Mask Bottle Truck - South
6-4-5Air Mask Bottle Truck - Central
6-4-6Air Mask Bottle Truck - North
6-4-7Gas Detection Service Unit
6-4-8Utility Pick-up Truck
6-4-9Breathing Apparatus Technician Unit
6-4-10Passenger Delivery Van
6-4-11Repair Shops Ready Room Vehicle
6-4-12House Supply/Warehouse Van
6-4-13Small Delivery Box Truck
6-4-14Large Delviery Box Truck
6-4-15Shop Vehicle - Auxiliary Gas Detection Service Unit
6-4-16High Rise Response UnitE18
6-4-17Utility Pick-up Truck
6-4-18MMRT Transport Vehicle
6-4-19Coordinator of Building Services
6-4-20Coordinator of Department Commissary
6-5-1Midway ARFFE127
6-5-2Midway ARFFE127
6-5-3O'Hare ARFFRESCUE 1
6-5-4O'Hare ARFFRESCUE 2
6-5-5O'Hare ARFFRESCUE 2
6-5-6O'Hare ARFFRESCUE 2
6-5-7O'Hare ARFFRESCUE 1
6-5-8O'Hare ARFFRESCUE 1
6-5-9O'Hare ARFF - ReserveRESCUE 4
6-5-10O'Hare ARFFRESCUE 1
6-6-1Reserve SnorkelE35
6-7-3Deluge UnitE108
6-7-6Deluge UnitE104
6-8-0Deputy District Chief: Air Operations Section Coordinator
6-8-6Deputy District Chief: SCUBA and Marine Safety Section Coordinator
6-8-7SCUBA Dive Team UnitE13
6-8-7ASCUBA Dive Team Spare UnitCITY WAREHOUSE
6-8-8Fast Boat "Eugene Blackmon" - CMSS SeasonalE2
6-8-10Trailered BoatE104
7-7-0EMS Logistics Equipment Specialist
7-7-1EMS Logistics Supply Truck
7-7-2EMS Logistics Supply Truck
7-7-3EMS Logistics Supply Truck
7-7-5Stair Chair/Stokes Basket Tender/Conveyance WagonSPECIAL OPERATIONS
8-8-1Mass Casualty Unit - 250 PatientRESCUE 1
8-8-1AMass Casualty Unit - EMS Support UnitRESCUE 3
8-8-2Mass Casualty Unit - 200 PatientE55
8-8-3Mass Casualty Unit - 50 PatientE47
8-8-4Mass Casualty Unit - 200 PatientE121
8-8-5Pediatric Mass Casualty Unit - 50 PatientEMS LOGISTICS
8-8-6Mass Casualty Unit - 200 PatientE127
8-8-7Mass Casualty Unit - Command Support UnitEMS LOGISTICS
8-8-8Mass Casualty Unit - 200 PatientEMS LOGISTICS
8-8-11EMS Treatment/Oxygen BusE107
8-8-12EMS Treatment BusE60
9-1-3Light WagonE83
9-1-5Light WagonE101
9-2-1Smoke EjectorE107
9-2-2Smoke EjectorE123
9-2-3Mobile Ventilation UnitE106
9-2-4Mobile Ventilation UnitRESCUE 3
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