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Tower Ladder 63O'Hare International Airport
Truck CompanyAerial Ladder
Aerial Tower CompanyAerial ladder with pre-piped waterway
Tower Ladder CompanyRear mount tower ladder
E01419 S WELLS STAT1E1-AT1-A4111
E04548 W DIVISION STTL10E4-TL105-6-1/6-2-413
E05324 S DESPLAINES STT2E5-T2-A285-2-1/5-1-514
E074911 W BELMONT AVET58E7-T58-A727
E08212 W CERMAK RDT4E8-T4-BN2-A6612
E1012240 W 69TH STT41E101-T41-A58-A75520
E1027340 N CLARK STT25E102-T25-A5629
E10411641 S AVENUE OT61E104-T61-BN24-A256-7-6/6-8-10624
E1063401 N ELSTON AVET13E106-T13-A484-0-1/9-2-327
E1084625 N MILWAUKEE AVETL23E108-TL23-A472-2-2/6-7-3211
E1092358 S WHIPPLE STT32E109-T32-BN14-A349-2-1114
E115343 N CUMBERLAND AVET9E11-T9-A2211
E1102322 W FOSTER AVET12E110-T12-A40210
E1123801 N DAMEN AVETL21E112-TL21-A612-7-2/4-0-7/4-5-225
E1174900 W CHICAGO AVETL14E117-TL14-A154-5-4113
E1196030 N AVONDALE AVET55E119-T55-BN11-A39211
E1211724 W 95TH STT40E121-T40-BN214-5-6/8-8-3621
E1232215 W 51ST STTL39E123-TL39-BN19-A8519
E1244426 N KEDZIE AVET38E124-T38-A325-6-2210
E1252323 N NATCHEZ AVET53E125-T53-BN828
E1267313 S KINGSTON AVET49E126-T49-A50623
E1298120 S ASHLAND AVET50E129-T50-A30520
E13259 N COLUMBUS DRT61E13-T6-BN1-A744-5-1/6-8-711
E141129 W CHICAGO AVET19E14-T19-BN3-A535-2-213
E158026 S KEDZIE AVET59E15-T59-BN20-A18520
E193421 S CALUMET AVET11E19-T11-A412
E231915 S DAMEN AVETL5E23-BN4-TL56-1-2/8-8-414
E2610 N LEAVITT STT7E26-T7-A456-3-114
E282534 S THROOP STT8E28-T8-A196-3-2/9-1-5515
E325559 S NARRAGANSETT AVET60E32-T60-A12516
E344034 W 47TH STTL54E34-TL54-A21516
E351901 N DAMEN AVET28E35-T28-A626-6-1112
E383949 W 16TH STT48E38-T484-6-6/4-6-7114
E4255 W ILLINOIS STT3E42-T3-A42-A93-SQ1-SQ1A2-7-111
E44412 N KEDZIE AVET36E44-T36-A644-4-11112
E454600 S COTTAGE GROVE AVET15E45-T15-A57517
E463027 E 93RD STT17E46-T17-A9623
E47432 E MARQUETTE RDT30E47-T30-A555-6-3518
E494401 S ASHLAND AVET33E49-T33-A682-7-3/5-7-1515
E505000 S UNION AVET18E50-T18-A1519
E547101 S PARNELL AVET20E54-T20-BN18-A14518
E552718 N HALSTED STT44E55-T44-BN58-8-225
E601150 E 55TH STTL37E60-TL37-BN17-A38517
E6234 E 114TH STT27E62-T27-BN22622
E631440 E 67TH STT16E63-T16-A704-5-8/4-6-8517
E647659 S PULASKI RDT31E64-T31-A27520
E653002 W 42ND STT52E65-T52-A69515
E70/E596030 N CLARK STT47E70-E59-T47-BN9-A1329
E727974 S SOUTH CHICAGO AVETL34E72-TL34-BN23-A22623
E761747 N PULASKI RDT35E76-T35-A525-7-227
E8012701 S DOTY AVET62E80-T62-A514-0-2622
E82817 E 91ST STT42E82-T42-A37623
E831200 W WILSON AVET22E83-T22-A319-1-329
E8421 W 59TH STT51E84-T51-A362-2-5/8-8-12518
E863918 N HARLEM AVET57E86-T57-A2028
E893945 W PETERSON AVET56E89-T56-A46210
E923112 W 111TH STT45E92-T45-A17621
E954003 W WEST END AVET26E95-T26-BN13-A10113
E96439 N WALLER AVET29E96-T29113
O'HARE RESCUE 1TL63E12-TL63-A262-7-8/5-1-2/5-3-1/6-5-3/6-5-7/6-5-8/6-5-10/8-8-136
T2410400 S VINCENNEST24T24-A29621
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